STEP #1   Use the process of OWNING to remove the “cobwebs” that obscure your full, true, vibrant authenticity. This is experienced as an increase in your flow of positive joyful energy.

Why is this step so crucial? See, literally everything fleeting or undesirable we experience – from relationship upheavals to unsupportive circumstances; the external world of most people still stuck in the Matrix – is a mirror reflection of the mental filters that we mistake as our “true self”.

The good news about feeling positive, joyful and full of energy (which your outer world will match in the form of an increased bank account, improved relationships, greater energy, and more inspirational thoughts and feelings) is that you don’t have to “pretend” at them.

Why? Because they are your Essential Nature; the Heart-based State unfettered by your Mind!

When your inner world is jazzed and inspired, your outer world on some level must start reflecting that experience back to you. The world is like a mirror, always reflecting your thoughts, feelings, attitude and where you’re placing your attention.

This leads us to…

STEP #2 – Take 100% responsibility for your life; own the fact that you have so far achieved a 100% success rate with your manifestation!

Yes, you might not have learned (so far) to direct the flow of your innate manifesting powers in the directions that are supportive and empowering, but fact of the matter is, the life that you are currently living is the life you’ve subconsciously chosen to manifest, and in-fact manifested with 100% accuracy.

You are already a Master Manifestor. This is true whether you are living from the Heart, or through your Mind. In either case, you continue to behave like a “frequency antenna”; vibrating at the co-ordinates of your internal beliefs, thoughts, memories and self-identities.

Making the choice right now to start owning this awesome power inside you is not just some desirable state-shift. It is absolutely rudimentary to start manifesting a life you might not be able to imagine right now.

Own that you are the one in charge of where you are directing your mind’s attention in each moment.

Now yes, your Mind will resist in the form of old unsupportive habits, of worry, fear, scarcity, confusion, frustration, neediness or desperation – don’t let that stop you; these are states you will soon outgrow as you begin manifesting incredible new possibilities in your life.

As you own your vast manifestation powers, dare to ask yourself: are you open to seeing and diving into the unlimited manifesting potentiality within you?  If you answered yes – and a ‘yes’ that is heart-felt, and comes from the very core of your being – then you have just started to transform your life on the deepest levels: You’ve owned your power.

STEP #3 – Build New “Master Manifestor” Neural Pathways Through Practice.  You might ask “practice what?” Answer is: Practice being positive about the life you are pro-actively creating! And by “positive”, I am not talking about a cognitive restructuring of the Mind. I am talking about a specific state: Easily the most powerful ‘state’ for manifesting the life od your dreams: The state of Gratitude.

More on “gratitude” in the next blog post!

Yours In Higher Frequency Living,


Armaan Shiraz is a bit of a Heartscape adventurist and "spiritual guinea-pig". In his own words: "A teacher is not an authentic one without being a student of his own teachings. Embodiment precedes teaching and continues with it. Through teaching, I get to own what I articulate to my readers on a much deeper level. My students are my context; they teach me as much as I teach them. Without embodiment on-going owning, there is only regurgitation." With this ideal firmly held to Heart, Armaan continues to put the principles of manifesting to full use in his own life. From his trials and errors, his many successes and - especially - his failures, Armaan has gleamed the methods of manifesting that actually work from those that don't. He feels duty-bound and blessed to share his insights on his website:

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