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I wanted to take the time to share something from Osho that touched me very deeply, and inspired me to share this article with you:

“God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine. Don’t waste your life for that which is going to be taken away. Trust life. Trust God. If you trust, only then can you drop your knowledge, only then can you put your mind aside. And with trust, something immense opens up. Then this life is no longer ordinary life, it becomes full of God, overflowing.” ~Osho

This got me thinking about one of the tell-tale signs that shows when someone is in resistance instead of surrender: “Shoulding”.

“I should lose weight before Christmas.”

“I should get that car before next year begins.”

“I should manifest a $50,000 cash-fall”

And on and on and on. And before you know it, you trade life’s innate lustre and adventure with a never-ending, ever-expanding check-list of mental nags that keep you in your head – in your Mind (and the Mind, just so you know, will never be satisfied) – instead of your Heart!

But why is this profoundly important to remember for manifesting? Because when we “should”, we are in effect feeding the limitations that our “should” springs from, with our precious energy.

And what we give our energy to is what tends to manifest in our lives!

So what’s the cure for eradicating our “Shoulds”? Turning them into our “Musts”.

Why? Because our “Musts” are rooted in our self-identities; in who we truly belief and feel we are and have become, whereas “Shoulds” are rooted in what we are not.

In the same way that loving parents “must” themselves into feeding their new-born baby as an expression of who they are; their self-identity as parents, in-effect manifesting effective parenthood, so too must your “shoulds” be transmutated to “musts” to manifest your own experiential creations in life.

So the question is, how do we transmute “should” into “must”?

Simple: By becoming what we want to attract, and the way we become what we want to attract is by exercising the magical power of Gratitude as though we’ve already owned that experience.

More on this in the next article: “Why Relaxation Is Essential For Manifesting” – And you are going to love what I will share in it.

Yours In Higher Frequency Living,


Armaan Shiraz is a bit of a Heartscape adventurist and "spiritual guinea-pig". In his own words: "A teacher is not an authentic one without being a student of his own teachings. Embodiment precedes teaching and continues with it. Through teaching, I get to own what I articulate to my readers on a much deeper level. My students are my context; they teach me as much as I teach them. Without embodiment on-going owning, there is only regurgitation." With this ideal firmly held to Heart, Armaan continues to put the principles of manifesting to full use in his own life. From his trials and errors, his many successes and - especially - his failures, Armaan has gleamed the methods of manifesting that actually work from those that don't. He feels duty-bound and blessed to share his insights on his website:

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