Rhoda's Course Reveals: How To Put On Your Very Own "Story-Teller's Cap" And Create Engaging Page-Turners... Even If You've Never Written A Story Before!

"As you go through my online video course on story-telling and take notes with my easy-to-read guide, your story-telling confidence with spike and your head will be buzzing with new story ideas waiting to be put on paper!" - Rhoda Hall

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In this E-course, You Will Discover...

  • Clear Step-By-Step Videos

    Take plenty of notes as Rhoda gently takes you step by step through all the most crucial elements that make a story a true “page-turner”!

  • Downloads And Action Plans

    Even when you are off-line, you can easily refer to the simple and clear action-plan laid out for you by Rhoda so your learning never strays!

  • How To Market Your Way To The Top!

    Want to learn how to start marketing your new story masterpiece and command a legion of fans and loyal readers just waiting to read your next release? Here’s how!

A Loving Note From The
Course Creator, Rhoda Hall

Dear Future Storytellers!

Right off the bat, I want to welcome you to the “Magic Storyteller Course” with a bold promise:

Provided you take the course, watch and then  re-watch the video content, then commit to the practice of the action-plan, your life is going to radically change for the better.

Yes, story-telling really does bring about positive changes that will reverberate across every single area of your life.

Why? Consider the following.

You see, storytelling is not merely a rewarding hobby that could potentially win you fans, invites to functions and interviews and serve as a rewarding alternate source of income.

The benefits of story telling manifest even more deeply, in your very personality, your outlook on life, and your ability to manifest the life that you want.

Why? Because story-telling is actually a powerful form of self-healing. It’s basically you, sharing amalgamations of your life experiences.

The characters, the events, the turn of fortunes, the romance, the fears, the uncertainties, the lucky breaks: All of them essentially mirror your life’s experiences!

What this triggers within you is one of the most powerful truths in personal development:

"What We Look At, Disappears
& What We Resist, Persists"

Story-telling is a wonderful means of self-examination; of looking deeply into your constructs, into your “Truths”, long-buried vistas of your self that you would not be face otherwise.

It’s a way of entering into a space, and through the written word, using self-honesty and introspection “narrate” your internal processes, in the form of characters, and what befalls them.

Do not be surprised if you find as you progress with your hobby that you become generally more grounded, more centered and “solid” in yourself, more assured of the future, and with my greater room to freely roam and explore life’s possibilities.

So think of story-telling not just as a hobby, but as a self-diagnostic tool for gauging your progress along the journey of improving the connection with your self, with your loved ones, with The Universe and with the Divine.

The contents of this course are divided into four main parts:

Section 1: The Storyteller Mindset

This is the foundational “mindset” for embarking on this life journey as a storyteller.

Here, we will address the common psychological pitfalls that could get in the way of being at your best as a story-teller, from “writer’s block” to intimidation, we address it all, and learn to get rid of it so you can keep the momentum.

Section 2: Character Archetypes


With this, we get into the actual story-telling process, and discover together how to map out in advance the main characters of a story.

From the charming rascal to the damsel in distress. From the elusive magician and sage to the adventurous and vulnerable unlikely young hero.

Section 3: Event Archetypes


Here, we learn to map out the “Event Archetypes” that are the most pervasive ones in capturing the common imagination.

We learn “Archetype Scenarios” that are in actuality repetitive patterns in human experience; patterns you can tap into and invoke in the general architecture of events. From the predictable to the surprise twists and turns; from the “preludes” to the sudden and unexpected.

Reader Psychology:
The final pre-writing stage!


This is actually the final step in the “pre-writing” stage of creating your masterpiece. Think of this stage as essentially “market research”; what our audiences are expecting from the moment they buy your story, and flick open the first pages.

Learn the difference between ending stories on a satisfying note, and cliffhangers so they invest their time and energy in future editions.

Creation Process! This is where
everything comes together!


We get into the technicalities of story-writing, from story segmentation all the way to the software you can utilize to create your stories, complete with pictured instructions.

You will also be given tips on how to properly structure your day and time-table so that the actual sitting down-to-write time you set for story writing is not seen as a chore, but as a welcome break from your day!

So join me in embarking on what will easily be one of the most rewarding hobbies of your life, and I can’t wait to see what you will manifest, both in the written form and in your own personal life, as a result of gracing countless future blank pages with your imagination!

God Bless.

Rhoda Hall

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Rhoda's ability to teach is AMAZING! I love her kind, nurturing voice as she guides through her videos. This is serious stuff for both hobbyists and budding career story-tellers alike. Don't miss this!

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