Do You Feel Like Your Manifesting Game Might Have ‘Blind Spots’? I’ll Help You See Them And Up Your Attraction Game!


The Mind is an incredible creation. It goes by many names: ego, the pseudo-self, lower self, the subconscious… whatever the moniker, its evolutionary function has remained unchanged: It’s there to alert us to and protect us from the saber-toothed cat potentially lurking around the corner.

Sure, we’re fortunately at a place in our evolution were that danger does not take up the literal form of the saber-toothed cat with nearly the frequency that it once did (it’s extinct). But the Mind, in its infinite (!) wisdom, still triggers the same neural pathways of stress and flight-and-fight, when that “saber-toothed cat” takes up the forms we are all-too-familiar with: bills, breakups, misunderstandings, fall-outs, and all the external triggers that can make life feel like an existential threat.

And you know something? The Mind works. It works incredibly well in ensuring survival. But it also limits us; it limits us in our experiencing of our Self and of life’s seed of infinite possibilities embodied within us.

And it does not help that what we call “external reality” can be so compelling; certainly compelling enough that we can feel justified in feeling victimhood. This pervasive feeling of victimhood can be so intense that many literally find it difficult letting it go even when life presents them with opportunities for alternative, healthier experiences of themselves right under their noses!

There is one thing I’ve learned in turning myself into a “Law of Attraction Detective” and from coaching hundreds of clients over the years with the insights I’ve gleamed over the years: That it’s extremely easy to overlook the blindspots that we can’t help but develop as we progress through life and we’re inevitably dealt with scenarios that feel out of our control. For all our best intentions to stay positive, commit ourselves to visualization and intention-setting exercises, chanting mantras, burning incense, taking care to eat only “high frequency foods”, triggers, victimhood, projections, attachments and old unresolved stories inevitably creep in like garden weed, affecting our frequencies (and therefore, our abilities to manifest) in ways that we sometimes cannot foresee.

That’s where my coaching comes in, and with all my heart, I invite you to learn more about what I have to offer, and then take your pick from phone coaching or email coaching (depending on your comfort level and what your schedule/time-zone allows), and learn why it might be the one investment you can make to change your life from the inside-out, starting right now!

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