"Manifesting Techniques Not Found Anywhere Else!"

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"Manifesting Techniques Not Found Anywhere Else!"

Subscribe To My "Fate Remake" Newsletter And Get My Powerful Tips... FREE! If They Aren't Powerful, I Don't Teach Them. Simple.

Hey Manifestors!

The wise Arabian Sage, Imam Ali, is quote to have said once: “Oh, how many needs we’ve seen fulfilled, by letting them go.”

Relaxation is not just a desirable state to be in. It’s a necessary skill for becoming a Master Manifestor; a crucial bench-mark for living from the Heart!

It is the indicator that you’ve truly “Let Go and Let God”.

It is the demarcation between exercising the power of Gratitude from your Heart, and doing it insincerely from your Head.

It is the state that you find your self in – a visceral feeling like the weight of the world has just been lifted off your shoulder – when you do the inner awareness work necessary to own and let go of belief systems, emotions, traumas or stories that no longer serve you.

It is the state you find your self in when you walk through life feeling as though you are being led by your chest; by your expanding Heart.

Simply put: When you are in a genuinely place of relaxation, you’ve effectively outgrown your old limitations, and life begins to unravel in extraordinary new ways.

You will experience Abundance like never before.

Which is why Energy Activation work is such an integral part of what I do and teach about!

Some of the most deeply seated sources of conflict within us are so pervasive and firmly entrenched within us that it takes nothing less than visceral energy work to free us!

Luckily though, even something as simple as taking up meditation, or doing “Shadow Work” with pen, paper and brutal self-honesty in tow, can yield enormous differences in your state of vibration.

How do you achieve this using the above tools? Simple: As you sit down, slow down and get rooted in who you are, begin question where the root of whatever it is that is bothering you, causing resistance, or holding you back is coming from.

Allow whatever answer coming up to pass through your awareness, as you gently ask yourself: “Is this true?”, and then ask, regardless of the answer: “Has this always been true? Does it need to be true now? Do I still need it to be true? Can I live in a more supportive truth?”

Keep asking these, as one emotion after another, one story after another, one self-identity and victimhood narrative after another, pass through your awareness.

Commit to at least a month of this, and I guarantee you, by the end of it, you will be living Life on a whole different level of vibrational frequency.

Here’s a “You’re welcome” in advance! Try it.

Yours In Higher Frequency Living,


Armaan Shiraz is a bit of a Heartscape adventurist and "spiritual guinea-pig". In his own words: "A teacher is not an authentic one without being a student of his own teachings. Embodiment precedes teaching and continues with it. Through teaching, I get to own what I articulate to my readers on a much deeper level. My students are my context; they teach me as much as I teach them. Without embodiment on-going owning, there is only regurgitation." With this ideal firmly held to Heart, Armaan continues to put the principles of manifesting to full use in his own life. From his trials and errors, his many successes and - especially - his failures, Armaan has gleamed the methods of manifesting that actually work from those that don't. He feels duty-bound and blessed to share his insights on his website: FateRemake.com.

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