Why People Are Getting
‘The Law Of Attraction’ All Wrong!

So, I’m here to cut to the chase and fill you in on the results I’ve gotten from turning my self into a spiritual ‘guinea-pig’.

It’s really simple: The Law of Attraction is not some ‘cosmic menu’ you get to use to exercise your will upon the ethers, even though it certainly feels that way when you reach the stage of mastery and life becomes practically effortless.

The Law of Attraction, at its deepest premise, is simply the Law of Growth; the Law that governs your personal evolution within your personalized seed of possibilities; your progress from the human acorn to an oak tree.

It’s a law that is neutral, benevolent, loving, supportive, but all-encompassing of the human experience, and with a very strict structure. Any violation of this structure has consequences, and often painful ones.

In essence, this law only supports you in manifesting your deepest, fondest desires when you do the stepping up in life, take the initiative, and in essence, ‘prepare your nest’ and vibrate on the frequency where you become deserving of the blessings you wish to attract.

Put another way, you do not attract based on what you want, but based on what you are.

So, want to attract wealth? Be wealthy and enriching in how you treat yourself? Build your capital – your personal wealth – of high-frequency traits such as love, courage, generosity, fun, carefreeness, playfulness and engagement.

Want to attract that hot body? Then vibrate at the frequency of self-love, appreciation for your physical attributes, of the discipline and self-respect that practically forces you to make better food choice. Become what you want to attract first!

So in reading this website and my writings, let’s articulate a commitment to ourselves, and let’s do it together:

Today, I vow to become what I want to attract in my life. Today, I pro-actively step up and do the things that I know will draw the object of my desire closer to me, and do it for no reason other than to show myself I’ve cast away the old identities and limitations that no longer serve me. Today, I do this because my new frequency allows for nothing else, and I do this know that manifesting what I want is just a bonus along the journey of my personal betterment. Today, I live my life anew, embracing new possibilities and letting go of the old. Today, I become more of me.