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In the previous article, I spoke about the three steps needed to take your manifestation frequency from the domain of your Mind’s limitations, to the domain of infinite possibilities; the domain of your “Heart-based Vibration”.

At that level, you begin to manifest and live an incredible life on empowering new terms – your terms – in ways you might not be able to imagine right now.

That article culminated in a final third step: gratitude.

Why is gratitude important?

One of the core spiritual concepts I teach is that to manifest, you do not manifest based on what you want, but what you are and becoming.

Now here’s the kicker: In order to become, you need to constantly vibrate at the desired frequency; long enough for the brain to form new neural pathways.

Sometimes, these form in mere hours (hence, why some things manifest almost instantly). Sometimes days. Sometimes weeks, depending on how “receptive” past experiences have predisposed you to be.

What is important however is that you need to BE before you attract. You attractive – literally – from the inside-out. And to manifest on the inside first, it takes sustained stay in the vibrational frequency with minimal interruption for you to become the new state; to become the change you wish to see in the outside world.

Whenever you are unconsciously attracting negative outcomes, it simply means you are not in this sustained, focused vibrational frequency.

And while I don’t tend to teach “visualizations” and “affirmations” (at least in the way other “gurus” teach them), there is something to be said about how spending time focusing and visualizing the positive outcome you desire allows you to maintain a sustained, focused vibrational frequency until you “become” that which your thought is focused on.

The good news is, you don’t need to resort to visualizing or affirmations!

There is only one thing you need to do: Vibrate at a the all-too-familiar energy of gratitude!

Gratitude for what? For what you do not physically have in front of you yet! It’s really that simple: What emotion would you feel coursing through you as soon as become (there’s that word again) the owner of a brand new car? Or enjoy a $50,000 extra surplus in business? Or feel the deep hug of an adoring romantic partner?


Be grateful for having what you want, even before having it physically, and you will automatically vibrate at the frequency that is Heart-based, authentic, and rooted in spiritual realness.

You will automatically feel supported, listened to, loved and taken care of, and before long, your outward reality will match your internal reality of gratitude!

Now, don’t get more wrong: This is a very nuanced state to be in!

Which is why, in the next article, I am going to discuss the difference between DESIRE and WANT, and Gratitude, and how you can authentically, realistically be grateful for what you don’t yet have.

This topic is SO important that I am dedicating a whole article just to address it, and that’s the next article, so stay tuned!

Yours In Higher Frequency Living,


Armaan Shiraz is a bit of a Heartscape adventurist and "spiritual guinea-pig". In his own words: "A teacher is not an authentic one without being a student of his own teachings. Embodiment precedes teaching and continues with it. Through teaching, I get to own what I articulate to my readers on a much deeper level. My students are my context; they teach me as much as I teach them. Without embodiment on-going owning, there is only regurgitation." With this ideal firmly held to Heart, Armaan continues to put the principles of manifesting to full use in his own life. From his trials and errors, his many successes and - especially - his failures, Armaan has gleamed the methods of manifesting that actually work from those that don't. He feels duty-bound and blessed to share his insights on his website:

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