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Hello Manifestors!

“The Midas Touch”. Some just seem to have it. Even when they do not study anything pertaining to “Manifesting” or attend any workshops, seminars or self-study courses.

Yet they tend to magnetize synchronicities, opportunities and streaks of luck like iron fillings to a magnet.

Have you ever wondered about the internal mechanisms that make this possible in their lives? The core “spiritual forces” at place that make them different?

Have you ever wondered why some people just thrive in life, and everything they touch turns to golden success while others are always just getting by?

Here’s a little exercise: Make it a point in your life to “study” people like this – whether you know them personally or famous rag-to-riches personalities – and get to know their personalities.

You needn’t guess too hard to have a few pop up in our mind. They are easy to tell. They have these following traits in common: They tend to always remain happy, at the top of their class, and successful, and their lives are generally a stark contrast to others who seem to have more talent, greater work-ethic, and put in longer hours, yet don’t manifest nearly as many.

Early on, I used to call it “luck”, and even cited genetics. I am not proud of this, but at one point, I even bought into conspiracy theories to explain the difference between “them” and the average soul trying to scrape by.

You can imagine the incredible liberation I felt coursing through me when – experientially – I learned the real truth: the difference between those who are attracting their dreams, and those who are constantly challenged by life, is the level of their “Heart-based Vibration”.

What is a Heart-based Vibration?

It is the level of energy and consciousness you’re radiating out into the world, determined by how attuned you are to the GPS of your Heart, and your ability to by-pass the Mind’s “noise” as you harken to your Heart’s calling.

You see, we tend to interpret “The Heart’s Desire” as what the Mind wants, when the exact opposite is true.

What the Heart “wants” – or more specifically guides us towards – is often grander than the Mind can possibly begin to imagine and comprehend.

And the degree to which you’ll be able to manifest more blessings, more riches, more abundance, more opulence, more love, more synchronistic living corresponds to the depth you can achieve in integrating you’re your Heart’s “GPS”.

This is what it truly means to “get out of your own way”; the first-person spoken of here doing the “getting away” actually being the false-self, or the Mind.

Now you mind be reading this and thinking: “Great, another ‘check-list’ that I am going to find dictated to me elsewhere”.

But I implore you to slow down, and open your mind to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this is a skill rather than a “spiritually correct” to-do item that sounds nice on paper.

I am here to tell you, it’s a skill you can literally build new neural pathways for until it becomes a permanent part of who you are… in three very simple steps.

Put these steps into committed practice, and before long, you will be so vibrant with this new “Manifestation Frequency” that you won’t be able to switch off the incoming of amazing blessings into your life, even if you tried.

What are these Three Steps?

Stay tuned for Part 2 in these series.

Yours In Higher Frequency Living,


Armaan Shiraz is a bit of a Heartscape adventurist and "spiritual guinea-pig". In his own words: "A teacher is not an authentic one without being a student of his own teachings. Embodiment precedes teaching and continues with it. Through teaching, I get to own what I articulate to my readers on a much deeper level. My students are my context; they teach me as much as I teach them. Without embodiment on-going owning, there is only regurgitation." With this ideal firmly held to Heart, Armaan continues to put the principles of manifesting to full use in his own life. From his trials and errors, his many successes and - especially - his failures, Armaan has gleamed the methods of manifesting that actually work from those that don't. He feels duty-bound and blessed to share his insights on his website: FateRemake.com.

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