Hailing from humble beginnings, Armaan has been interested in the “Paranormal” and what he calls “Events Engineering” long before these ideas became en-vogue in contemporary consciousness, thanks to such hits like The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know?

Armaan is a bit of a Heartscape adventurist and human “spiritual guinea-pig”. With over two decades spent devoting himself to his other two passions – science as well as business development – he has acquired the ability to go the distance and with full commitment to hands-on research.

Because of these key traits in his approach, he has been fortunate enough to gleam the methods of manifesting that actually WORK from those that don’t and yet are peddled around by other “gurus”, and he felt duty-bound to share his insights on his website: FateRemake.com. In his words: “What I’ve learned about manifestation and the methods that work can quite literally change one’s destiny, and more people need to know about this stuff to get their powers back!”

While he has no products to sell, he does offer personal coaching, with a bit of friendly, loving warning: “Be ready for the long haul, and to put in work. I pull no punches, and I will give you exactly what you need to be at your ‘Frequency Best’. Nothing else will do!”

Despite his acumen and his success with manifestation, Armaan will be the first to caution you that he is no guru. In his words: “This stuff works, and we are unveiling what works with greater focus and clarity, but we’re still BARELY touching the surface here, and there is plenty more to discover.” Armaan can be reached via email: armaan@fateremake.com